Art and music collide in Echos Myron. Musicians that make art will be shown side by side with artists who make music. The artists in this exhibition collectively reflect the creativity and cross currents at play in the Miami music scene from the early nineties to the present.

A wide array of processes and practices will be on display, including sculpture, painting, flyer art, photographs, installation, and more. Given the individuals whose work is included in this eclectic exhibit, a broad diversity of aesthetics come together to reveal the fertile and dynamic underpinnings of a creative scene thriving in Miami for the past two decades.

Curated by Priyadarsini Ray and Beatriz Monteavaro

There will be live performances by Snakehole and Bank of Christ on the night of the reception.

List of participating artists
Kevin Arrow Rick Diaz Juan Montoya
Eddy Alvarez Daniel Fiorda Beatriz Monteavaro
Greg Alvarez Chris Garcia Gavin Perry
Rene Barge Daniel Gorostiaga Priyadarsini Ray
Dorys Bello Ricardo Guerrero Jean Saiz
David Alexander Bennett Jason Handelsman Christian Salazar
Bleedingpalm Dave Kudzma Rick Smith
Dirk Brandon Chuck Loose Teajay Smith
David Brieske Paul Lewin 3PQ
Natalie Spargo Niuvis Martin Maitejosune Urrechaga
Brian Butler Gustavo Matamoros Janette Valentine
Autumn Casey Ivy McClelland Viking Funeral
Amanda Castillo Clifton Childree Janese Weingarten