6th Street Container is pleased to present Housewife Diaries by Patricia Schnall Gutierrez. Schnall Gutierrez’s multimedia work is rich with psychological and intellectual references that is dedicated to issues of the feminine condition. In this current exhibition, the artist takes her inspiration from the1970 comedy-drama film, Diary of a Mad Housewife, and parallels memories and experiences of her own world as a young women in the same era. “I hadn’t seen that movie in so many years”, says Schnall Gutierrez, “but now looking back, this movie reflects the lives of so many of us who lived through similar circumstances. The satirical absurdity of it all is what connected me to that film in particular.”

In this recent project, Schnall Gutierrez insists on creating a dialogue through her use of sculptural objects, digpital photographs and installations that speak much more than they initially suggest. Her obsession and reference to doing household chores such as laundry and cleaning and all the while simultaneously playing the role of sex object, continues as it has in so many previous works. In the piece, Erased in the Wash, she uses hundreds of feet of washing machine hose combined with audio of whispers, inviting the viewer to come closer to hear her story. In two other pieces, Schnall Gutierrez pairs up unlikely objects in, Self Portrait, made of a cleaning mop with support stockings, and in another, Psychiatric Brunch, presenting a revolving bundt cake with a defaced portrait of the movie’s “psychiatrist” character.

Schnall Gutierrez urges her audience to re-create the meaning of common, mundane objects and tells her stories through, often humorous, cryptic associations.